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About Us / Mission Statement

Enabling spaces CIC is about serving people and local communities and not about profit. 

This service will improve the health and well-being of people living in communities within Coventry and the West Midlands. The fundamental aspect of a social enterprise is to reinvest profits back into the business to enable it to grow and develop. It will also provide support to isolated and disadvantaged vulnerable people to bring about a positive change in their lives and re-engage them within their own family, their environments and the wider communities. 

Meet The Team

We're a team of dedicated individuals who love what we do.

We work closely with our clients to customise the services we provide based on their specific needs and circumstances. We’re proud to be a leading OT Service in the Coventry and Warwickshire area, and willing to go the extra mile whenever and wherever we’re needed. 

All our staff complies with  HCPC and RCOT Codes of Conduct and are registered and DBS checked.

Contact us today and speak with our team of experienced Occupational Therapists.

Yvonne Singleton

BSc (Hons) 


Company Director

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Yvonne: 07377 323576

Johanna Dowdeswell

BSc (Hons) 


Company Director

Specialist Occupational Therapist

Jo: 07377 323575