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Enabling Spaces CIC Hoarding Therapy Service

 An Occupational Therapy led Not For Profit Organisation



Welcome to our new online shop... 

As Occupational Therapists,  we value occupational balance and recognise  its  importance to overall wellbeing. 

Daily activities are intrinsic to our way of life and it is important that at least some of these activities have a positive impact on your general self-care and wellbeing, creating balance  in family life, work, relaxation and leisure.

In our small corner of the world, we have developed "Calm In The Makin" to provide you with an opportunity to build time and space for you to redress your occupational balance.

Global events in recents months have magnified stress levels and has increased mental aguish.

We have lovingly and carefully designed our gorgeous self- care boxes for you or for someone  that you feel may benefit from some TLC.   

By taking a therapeutic approach, we aim to give you the tools to practice some Mindful activities  and a little pampering in your day to day life.

We hope to bring a little sunshine and joy...  

10% of sales will be used to help fund Enabling Spaces CIC hoarding fund,  These funds will be used to help  our most vulnerable clients, to go towards; deep-cleans, buying essential goods such as bedding, storage, food, white goods etc.

What's in our Self -Care boxes?

Each self-care box will have at least  one or  three mindful exercises relating to products in the box; Mindful Tea Drinking, Mindful Chocolate Tasting and 4-7-8  Mindful Breathing Relaxation Exercise and a Mindful journal with Mood Tracker to document your experiences. 

In addition to these items, there will be hand picked treats to nourish mind, body and soul...  to help bring about OCCUPATIONAL BALANCE...


Our Self-Care Box

Handmade cards with hidden goodies

Just a few examples of what you may expect in your Self-Care box...

An example of our self-care box

Mindful Exercises

 Self-Care, Wellbeing Boxes.

Self-Care Wellbeing Box 1.

You will receive hand picked items and at least one or more of our Mindful Exercises:

    • Mindful Tea Drinking
    • Mindful Chocolate Meditation 
    • 4-7-8 Breathing Relaxation Exercise. 
  • Luxury Chocolates and  Retro Sweets
  • Mindful Tea in a handmade tea card,  the handmade card can be reused as a greetings card. 

Your box will also contain additional items to feed the body as well as the mind. Each box will contain a free Mindful activity and each box will contain 6 beautifully wrapped items for you to mindfully open. If you are ordering this box for someone else and you require a personal card, please do let us know.  

Self-Care Mindful Box 2. as above, but will have 6 to 8 beautifully wrapped products and a free gifts.

All products will be beautifully wrapped, and our packaging can be reused or gifted too.

Self-Care Wellbeing Box 1 (P&P included)
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Self-Care Wellbeing Box 2 (P&P included)
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