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Occupational Therapy Services

What is occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy provides practical support to enable people to facilitate recovery and overcome any barriers that prevent them from doing the activities (occupations) that matter to them. This helps to increase people's independence and satisfaction in all aspects of life. (COT 2017)

Safer Home and Accessibility 

OT Assessment

As occupational therapists, we have a strong understanding of the dynamic and interactional relationship between person, environment, and occupations (PEO). The home environment, physical disability or illness can either help or hinder your ability to complete your activities of daily living, for example getting in and out of bed or on and off their chair, getting washed and dressed, preparing meals and drinks with ease and safety.

Enabling spaces will work with individuals to overcome any challenges they may face, we will visit the person or individual in the privacy of their own home at a time that is suitable to them, and they will complete a SAFER HOME assessment of the individual and their environment to identify current barriers to completing such activities.

The Occupational therapist will complete a report (within 2 to 3 weeks) and will create a treatment plan or make necessary recommendations to overcome any barriers to increase the person's independence.

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Hospital Care

Not all private hospitals have Occupational Therapists on their staff team.

If you require an Occupational Therapy assessment prior to or after treatment or surgery, Enabling Spaces will assess your needs for suitable equipment to support your convalesce and independence.

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