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Enabling Spaces CIC

Hoarding Therapy Service

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Mental Health Organisation

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        Phone Number: 01926 935055

Self Neglect

Self-neglect is a behavioural condition in which a person neglects their basic needs such as personal hygiene and eating. There are three main forms of self-neglect:

■Lack of self-care - this includes neglect of someone’s personal hygiene, nutrition, and hydration, or health, to an extent that may endanger safety or well-being.

■Lack of care of a person's environment - this includes situations that may lead to domestic squalor or increased risk in the domestic environment.

■Refusal of services - this might include refusal of care services in either their home or a care environment or of health assessments or interventions, even if previously agreed, which could potentially improve self-care or care of a person's environment.